Let Me Be Your Guide:

A Clear and Understandable Tour of the Bible

By Fred Woodward

For nearly ten years now, I have been teaching an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It has been my great joy to see many people begin to enjoy God’s word as they come to understand the unfolding story of the scriptures. I’ve seen many, who had no prior knowledge of the Bible, come to faith in Christ.

After completing the overview, many of them have gone on to find and serve in some local church. Many others, who may have attended church for several years, have testified that the overview I teach has helped them to enjoy the Bible as never before. With this foundation of biblical knowledge, they are better equipped to understand their pastor’s messages, they can participate in small group Bible studies, and their personal, daily Bible reading has become a delight.

What I have shared with hundreds of people through a Bible study, I now hope to share through a book. I have written Let Me Be Your Guide: A Clear and Understandable Tour of the Bible with the hope that many more can come to understand, appreciate, and enjoy God’s precious word.

In addition to the book, I have also created a video series that corresponds to the book. For every lesson in the book there is a corresponding video lesson. The video lessons are PowerPoint presentations with maps, charts, pictures and diagrams, all loaded on a handy flash drive.
picture of Mr. Woodward Fred Woodward is an ordained minister who has been teaching and preaching the Bible for nearly forty years. For many of those years, he served the Lord as the pastor of various churches. Currently, his ministry is in the workplace, serving as a chaplain with Corporate Chaplains of America. Fred obtained his theological training first at Fort Wayne Bible College, Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries. Later he obtained a Master of Arts in Ministry from Moody Bible Seminary, Chicago, Illinois.