From Readers of the Book

"I had only a fragmented and incomplete knowledge of the Bible until I read Chaplain Woodward’s concise and highly readable book “Let Me Be Your Guide, A Clear and Understandable Tour of the Bible.” He took all the partially understood and disjointed stories from the Bible I was familiar with and put them into a coherent and chronological order. His book allowed me to make sense of the Bible as a whole and showed me the overall story in an easily understandable and summarized format. I found Chaplain Woodward’s book a joy to read the perfect book to clarify the Bible for those of us with an incomplete or partial understanding of the Bible. Fascinating, I read it in a few days."

Christopher Sobczak, Machinist

"Daunting. Out of reach. Hard to grasp. That’s how most people see the Bible. “Let Me Be Your Guide, A Clear and Understandable Tour of the Bible,” changes that and brings the Bible within reach of everyone. As a masterful tour guide, Fred Woodward helps us experience God’s beautiful redemptive story from Genesis to Revelation. I highly recommended this work, especially for those who want to read and understand the Bible, but don’t know where to begin. Congratulations, you’ve found your starting place"

Jon Hix, Pastor

"Easy read that shows God's mercy, grace, and sacrifice. A must read for all Christians and for those that are still searching. Walk through time that shows God's never ending love for us. Relates our current continual failures to the Old Testament and reminds us of God's New Testament which gives us Eternal Life. When you study the Bible for years, this book really brings it all together as a reminder of God's grace and love for us a God's Children."

Michael Shore, Supply Chain Manager

"This book is your boarding pass to a tour of the Bible. Once on the bus, your journey can lead to the discovery of God’s provision for your final destination."

Dr. Richard L. Cockman, Managing Chaplain

"I believe this book “Let Me Be Your Guide, A Clear and Understandable Tour of the Bible,” will help everyone to have a better understanding and appreciation for the Bible and the history of Christianity.  The material, presented as a guided tour, provides a personal, historical and learning experience as it takes you through the lands of the Bible, bringing you closer to the true meaning of Christianity.  It is a clear and comprehensive interpretation of the unfolding story of the Bible that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend."

Keith Schwab, CNC Machinist

"Fred Woodward has written a “bus tour” of the Bible that takes passengers all the way from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem. Whether a new believer or a seasoned saint, this a reading adventure that will captivate the reader from start to finish. Every Christian would be blessed by reading this book."

Arlan Birkey, Retired Bible Professor, Taylor University Fort Wayne, IN

"I believe this book will assist in clarifying the Bible for both the practicing Christian and the seeker. It gives a clear understanding of the contents of the Bible. I will recommend the book to many of my friends and family, and plan to hand out copies where appropriate."

Richard Shore Sr., CEO, Automation and Modular Components, Inc.

"It's an easy to understand and a fun way to learn about the Bible. You will get a better knowledge of the Bible and may actually learn a thing or two as well."

Aaron Fabera, High School Student

"If the Bible has always baffled you, I recommend this book. It’s written by a man who loves the Lord and His word, and he wants to share his knowledge of God’s word so that all can have a better understanding and grow in faith."

Patty Althaus, Certified Travel Specialist

"I would like to say that this book is a must read for all who are interested in what the Bible is all about. It is written in such a way that is easy to read and understand. The truth of the scripture comes alive and you will feel like you are experiencing God in these lessons.

Loraine Jones, Retired First Vice President, Banking

"Fred Woodward has done an admirable job of summarizing the history of the Old and New Testaments in a simple, but informative way. He has a gift of saying in a few words what the authors of the Bible have said with many. However, he lingers at important places in the history to the profit of all who will read his book. He has used catching illustrations of biblical truths. I predict that all who read it will receive benefit from it for their own lives and ministries."

David Salstrom, former missionary/teacher in the Philippines.

"Have you always wondered what the Bible is all about? You always planned to read it sometime? This book will give you an outstanding overview and help you understand how it all fits together. A great help for anyone."

Stephen Bindon, President, Trijicon, Inc.

From Bible Survey Attendees

"Fred, The Bible Survey is both entertaining and enlightening. No matter what your knowledge level of the Bible is, you will come away having learned new things and gained new insights. Thanks,"

Jenny B.

"Fred, I’ve been an active member of the same church for over thirty years. But I’ve never had scripture interpreted to me while allowing me to discuss and conclude the teaching of scripture with a clear understanding. I’ve been preached to many times. But I’ve never been taught the scripture with the clarity of your teaching. Thank you Fred, for expanding my walk with Christ, and giving me a clearer understanding of scripture. Thank You,"

Angela Sykes

"Fred, I really enjoyed the Bible classes that you have been teaching. You make them very interesting and easy to understand. I especially enjoyed the pictures which I think helps a person to understand and see things a little better. Thanks for helping me understand the Bible a little bit better."

Annie Barbara

"Fred, I want to thank you for inviting me to your Bible study class. You brought the Bible to life for me, explaining the history and lives of the people in the Old Testament and how God’s promise is fulfilled in the New Testament. I have sat in pews for many years and understood the meaning of most sermons at the surface level but after attending your class I now feel more connected to those meanings. Fred, I can’t praise the class and you enough because for me it planted a seed in my heart that continues to grow."

John L.

"Fred, You are blessed with a gift of communication and connecting with people. Your Bible study is like no other. You make it so easy to understand that it gives motivation to want to learn more."

Linda C.

"Fred, I just came back from church, and the gospel reading was on the genealogy of Christ. I actually recognized some of the names and understood the reading, thanks to you. I really enjoyed the Bible study that you taught."

Linda M.